Monday, March 25, 2013


I'm so excited to be able to offer some of my most popular necklaces in gold now!  They are gold filled.  If you aren't familiar with gold filled, here are some facts about it:
  • Gold filled is an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal.
  • Gold filled is not gold plated as gold filled contains more gold than gold plated.
  • Gold filled is brass or copper, covered by sheets of gold in a mechanical bonding process.
  • Gold filled is much more valuable and tarnish resistant than gold plated.
  • Gold filled does not flake off, rub off or turn colors.
  • Anyone who can wear gold, can wear gold filled without worry of allergic reaction.
  • Gold filled will last as long as 14K gold.

  • Each piece comes gift-wrapped at no
    additional charge.

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